Ambience with Style
Right in the heart of Nuernberg, the House of Lust 72 is located at once of the oldest bordello streets of Germany. In the year 2011/2012 with great effort reconstructed and renovated, it welcomes its guets in a unique erotic and inviting ambience.                                                                                                                              

We would like you to feel comfortable, therefor cleanliness and hygiene is our foremost concern. All Rooms, Bathrooms and Restrooms are upgraded to the latest new construction standard. Washing and shower facilities are available for all rooms.

Haus der Lust 72 inside 07    Haus der Lust 72 inside 03      

Haus der Lust 72 inside, Jessica 4B    Haus der Lust inside, Vanessa 02C



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