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We, the women at the house of lust 72, are a community of exotic ladies of pleasure. We are all loving and caring.

The general sex-standards are mastered perfectly by all of us, of course, but you can expect more! There is a wide range of specials we can provide to you.
From dirty talking – showing – feeling – stroking – resiprocal, sensual massage – fingering our breasts und cunts, put your finger gently in the pussy - up to hard ride, anal erotic, licking, sucking, deep throat - role play and special massages, everything is possible.

 Already the super horny standard fuck experience in different positions, including licking, blowjob, fingering cunt and tits, as your wish, without time pressure (approx. 30 Min.) for just 50,- €, is worthwhile a visit. 

Additional requirements or other wishes can be already expressed freely and relaxed at our contact places (windows/door) before entering and, as may be the case, varying prices agreed upon.

All of as share the understanding about the stated prices. There will be no additional charge of the price agreed upon.

Herz gklein A regullar visit of this homepage is recommended, since we offer from time to time the super horny standard fuck, including an alcoholic beverage (beer or small bottle of sparkling wine) for just 40,- €! So watch out for our special. Herz gklein 

Relax with us, we take time for you!

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