Guarantee at the brothel, migth ask yourself what this is all about!

We like to point out here very clearly, that we will make every effort that your stay with us gives you the best possible satisfaction.

We are ladies of pleasure out of conviction and want you to feel very comfortable and that your experience with us will have very good memories at any time.

Bei uns kannst Du Deine Anregungen ebenso los werden wie Deine Beschwerden!For you to see, that we are serious about this concern, we do have installed here at this web site a "praise and criticism" contact area, where you can state your positive as well as your comments about room for improvement experience. Just as well you`ll find on premises at the house 72 a special mounted letterbox where you can drop your opinion about us. Be insured, your opinion is important to us, both your praise and your criticism and we shall make every affort to resolve any complaints you may have.

Gerne nehmen wir Deine Anregungen und auch Deine Kritik entgegen

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